Brandnu Remix!!

Our head of sound department’s other project hits the entries with the remix by Hell G!


here we go again with a brandnu remix for my mates of Distance Control .

the electro dance pop duo consists of Marc Karlheim & Stefan T. and their catchy tuneSky‚ got all the special ingredients a good dancey pop song needs.

I took ‚Sky‚ on a more wavey level with airy pads, arps and a broken but somehow straight electro beat.

checkout/listen and/or buy my SKY remix on bandcamp:

checkout and buy the full release:

show ‚Distance Control‚ some luv on Soundcloud and Facebook !


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Zérophonique releases EP ‚la nouvelle mission‘

Zérophonique’s new EP titled „la nouvelle mission“ is released in April 2014, Bielefeld.

The first track „Revolution“ is about not letting your chances pass by. The second song „Transmission“ makes you dive into a dark and technological world. All in all Zérophonique welcomes you to maintain a cool mood with their warm sound.

how incredibly beautiful is that? indeed.


and here it is: the second labelcompilation of my little label ‚$upra Recordings‚ is ready for your ears & for download – how incredibly beautiful is that? 🙂

‚This is $upra Vol.II‘ has again become an eclectic & genre-bending adventure with a huge bunch of different artists from nearly all over the world.

stilistic we drive thru house, indie-electronica/pop, downtempo/idm, dubstep, witchhouse/drag and even jazz from artists like f.e. the rorschach garden, trian kayhatu, ghosts in disguise, takt3, shawdams, the von duesz, dub mars, phantomsignal, the hobby of ed, ylva fred, white diamonds, medicine, zérophonique, valera igla, etc etc..

this time I didn’t prepare 1minute audiosnippets of each single track, it’s by far better than that: this time you have full-length previews of each tune! how incredibly incredible is that?? 😀 – let’s start the music!

1.) PUCH – Not Far Away


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Here we are. Come join us.